Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Army of TEN!

Hi guys! 

I know its been quite around here lately, since I've been super busy. But I just wanted to drop by and spread the word about THE ARMY OF TEN! It's basically a promotional thing for Gretchen McNeil's upcoming book, TEN. It sounds really awesome, so be sure to join in! You could also win a lot of prizes too, such as:

- a signed hardcover of TEN
- a signed paperback of POSSESS
- a signed copy of DEAR TEEN ME
- a signed copy of the anthology TWO AND TWENTY DARK TALES
- a Barnes & Noble gift card
- items from the personal collection of two characters from the book

There's even a ranking system and all, like Major, General, Private, etc. Interested? Well, click HERE and join in on the fun! :)


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