Sunday, October 23, 2011

Until I Die by Amy Plum Cover Reveal

I'm a pretty big fan on Die for Me by Amy Plum. So imagine how excited I was to discover the cover for the second book, Until I Die! This is only the UK cover, but it is STUNNING. So... here it is:

Click the pic to be linked to GoodReads

Click the pic to be linked to GoodReads
Any thoughts? Violent reactions? And just because the covers of the first book was so pretty, I thought I'd share it here as well!
The pic of the right is the first book in the series.

Click the pic to be linked to GoodReads

This is the original cover for Die For Me, but it got changed to the one above. Which cover is better for the first book? Do you like the cover for Die For Me or Until I Die more? Which of the three is your favorite? I would love to hear from you!

Til next time!

Jen @ The Midnight Book Thief

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