Monday, May 14, 2012

Maximum Ride #1- The Angel Experiment by James Patterson: Review

Fourteen-year-old Maximum Ride, better known as Max, knows what it's like to soar above the world. She and all the members of the "Flock"--Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman and Angel--are just like ordinary kids--only they have wings and can fly. It may seem like a dream come true to some, but their lives can morph into a living nightmare at any time--like when Angel, the youngest member of the "Flock," is kidnapped and taken back to the "School" where she and the others were genetically engineered by sinister scientists. Her friends brave a journey to Death Valley, CA, to save Angel, but soon enough, they find themselves in yet another nightmare--this one involving fighting off the half-human, half-wolf "Erasers" in New York City. Whether in the treetops of Central Park or in the bowels of the Manhattan subway system, Max and her adopted family take the ride of their lives. Along the way Max discovers from her old friend and father-figure Jeb--now her betrayed and greatest enemy--that her purpose is save the world--but can she?
By the time I had read this book years ago, I was pretty sure I already loved reading by then- this just made me love it a lot more. I'm thinking this is a YA book, but inspite of that, I think the Maximum Ride series is perfect for all ages. 

This book had it all. First, there's adventure. TONS of it. You want a good fighting scene? There's loads of it. And suspense. You gotta love all the suspense that Max and her flock brings. And speaking of flock- James Patterson's imagination in this book was way cool. I've never read a book before about bird kids- children with avian DNA in them. And yes, I know that that's pretty impossible, but that's what makes the story all the more fun!

But what I really enjoyed about this book were the characters in it. From Max, to Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Angel and Gazzy, the way Patterson wrote the novel just made them so alive, so connection was pretty easy. Max is our awesome kickbutt heroine, and Fang, her broody sidekick, is pretty much her love interest/ resident snarky guy. And there's Iggy, the blind guy; Nudge, the chatterbox; Gazzy, the um, Gasman; and Angel... The creepy/adorable girl. And they all have awesome powers other than the ability to fly- mind reading, breathing underwater, speaking to machines, and the like. 

So yeah, I pretty much recommend this to just about everyone, especially kids who are just learning to love reading. I speak from experience, since it was this book that made my little sister love reading! 

I give this book 5 stars. It was a good introduction to the series, and really good for Patterson's first attempt at a children's/YA book. The plot is fast paced, and won't disappoint. (Though I'm not sure I can say the same for the later books, like Angel. It kinda felt like the series was being dragged out. I mean, I loved Fang- talking about the book here, but this applies to the character too, I guess- and all, but Angel- again, talking about the book- wasn't just that good anymore. But since I'm only reviewing the first book, that's a topic for another day.) 

So to conclude, this is a good adventure book. Go read it! :)

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  1. I read this book. I agree, it was full of adventure and action. Personally I wanted a little more romance but it was still nice.


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