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Hunting by S.M. Hineline: Review

In the war between humans and vampires... a child will turn the tide.

Thousands of years ago a goddess cursed a family, every 500 years a child of their bloodline would be born a vampire. This child would mean the survival or destruction of the vampire race. And each would do anything to find the child first.

Jade knew nothing of the curse, but when a vampire princess calls, you answer. Now she must do her best to help find the child and save it from the humans who would see it dead. And if that weren't enough, the princess' cousin, in an effort to show her unworthy to lead their people, is doing everything in his power to stop them. Even if that means killing them all.
I received an e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review. 

The Bad
Hunting was a good book, no kidding. But there's something that's bugging me; I can't exactly pinpoint the exact thing. I didn't really find anything I didn't like about the book- it was just there's something about it that seemed... I don't really know how to place this- old fashioned? Restrained? But this was just a really tiny issue for me.

The Good
The characters. When S.M. first came to me, she described Jade as the "kick-butt heroine", and she couldn't have been more correct. I love the characters she created- she really took the time to make sure we could connect with them. I have to admit, I had a hard time conncecting withn Jade at first, but in the end, I ended up liking all of her characters, flaws, quirks, and all. 

The Awesome
The plot. Yes, I admit that I'm sick of vampires. Those glitzy, mysterious, brooding ones that the heroine falls for with one look- sick of them, I tell you. I am so glad that this book had a fresh take on them. The whole mythology of how the vampires came to be was unique and well thought out. The story was fast paced, with tons of action packed into it. Though the staring part might be a bit slow at first, the pacing picks up quickly in just a few chapters. 

The twist. The huge twist in the end was brilliant! As the story lead to its few final chapters, you'd think that everything else would be predictable- but no, you're really wrong. Just as everything leads to the final moment of truth, S.M. lets out an unexpected twist, and I actually had to reread the paragraph to make sure I read things right!

The Rating
Five stars. Yep, five stars. I gotta admit, I wasn't expecting to enjoy this book this much. It was just so easy to get myself lost in the story, making it a quick, fun read! While there was something a bit off with the way it was written, I still enjoyed the entire book. And what's more, with the way it was left off, I'm sure there's gonna be a sequel. And I am not gonna miss that- you see, Hunting ended with a of unanswered questions, and I need to know what happens in the end! 

I recommend this book to lovers of all things paranormal who are looking for a fresh new story. And weirdly enough, I think this story is appropriate for YA- just ignore the ages- since the story was really clean, which I loved. Heck, it was cleaner than most YA books, blood and gore not included. :) So yes, in spite of the adult urban fantasy cover, I'm guessing teens and adults could enjoy this book. A really fun debut from a self-published author!

Jen @ Midnight Book Thief

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