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The Mediator #6- Heaven Sent by Meg Cabot: Review


Oh, how time flies, and now its almost the end of March! Guess its time to review a reread of a favorite of mine for  The Books that made me Love Reading Challenge, hosted by Emlyn Chand! This time, I'm going up higher the readig chain from MG to YA, and I picked:

Suze should be on cloud nine. She's going out with Jesse, the most gorgeous ghost of all time. But, her fellow mediator, Paul Slater, wants Suze all to himself, and he's hell-bent on making the happy couple ancient history. When creepy Paul threatens to travel back in time and stop Jesse from dying, Suze is seriously spooked. Her boyfriend has a ghost of a chance to live again - but it would be without her. So, what will Jesse choose? Life - or love?
Ah, I love the Mediator series. If I remember correctly, this series sealed the deal for my love of YA. But at that time, I had no idea what YA. I think that's also the series which made me love paranormal romance, but of course, I didn't even know such a genre existed!

So Heaven Sent (also titled "Twilight"- though not the one with sparkly vampires, let me assure you) is the last book in the Mediator series. And I absolutely loved it. Suze is a Mediator, so she can see ghosts. And she also loves Jesse. Who, needless to say, is a (very hot) ghost. Throw in Paul, another jealous Mediator who wants Suze for himself, and ta-da! Instant conflict! 

I really liked the romance in this series. Its obvious that Suze is attracted to Jesse from the beginning, but you slowly see her falling more deeply in love with him. I wish more YA series and a romance like this. It wasn't insta-love; their relationship had emotion and depth to it. Jesse is so sweet too, the perfect gentleman to Suze's kickbutt attitude!

And not only that, I loved the plot in this book. I mean, how can a romance between a human and a ghost end up, well, nicely? This book had eveything, from romance, to humor, to suspense. This book slowly builds up the tension, leading up to the explosive climax. 

Anf that ending. So sweet, so happy, so perfect. It was THE ultimate happy ending. I couldn't help but be happy with the way Meg Cabot ended the series! After everythig that they went through, Suze and Jesse desered their happy ending!

The Rating
Five Stars! A personal favorite of mine, and my favorite book in the series (followed by the fourth book, Young Blood). I've read this series countless times, ever since I read the second book back when I was ten or so, and I never seem to get tired of it!

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  1. loved it as well! it was one of the best books ever and the ending was FANTASTIC!


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