Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Join in on Burns Night!

You guys heard about the epic party Jeri Smith Ready's throwing? No? Then read more about it here!

It's all in celebration of Burns Night, which is a pretty big celebration in Scotland! But here's a rundown on what's gonna happen: (which, I admit, I just copy pasted then edited :D)

Our planned activities for Wednesday, January 25:

"Ask a Real Scotsman" Twitter Q&A with Glasgow native and brilliant photographer Fraser McFarlane.

Time: 4PM EST

Hashtag #RealScotsman.

Twitter chat with Zachary Moore from the Shade series and Aiden MacRae fromCyndi Tefft's Between.

Time: 10pm EST
Hashtag #FakeScotsmen.

Logan and Aura will also be around for the chat.

--Note the plural "men" in this hashtag, and yes, Zach's a man now, having turned eighteen this past winter solstice. You can read all about that in Shine--very soon if you win an ARC!

Other Assorted Nonsense
  • Since the celebration of Burns Night centers around haggis, Zachary will at some point recite Burns's "Address to a Haggis," or a shortened version thereof.
  • Being a bit defensive about the dish, Zach will post pics throughout the day on the SHADEboys tumblr of Foods More Revolting Than Haggis. (Oh look, he's started already.)
  • Possibly there'll be a Toast to the Lassies and a smart-ass response from Aura.
  • Cyndi Tefft will be blogging all day long about Scotland and giving away copies of Between and Aiden's Angels swag!
  • TeamKilt swag will be given away all week by
  • Jeri will give away copious amounts of exclusive TeamKilt autographed personalized bookplates for SHADE, SHIFT, and SHINE. These will feature all covers, including new, old, paperback, hardcover, and UK versions. Collect all 9! NOTE: These bookplates will only ever ever ever be available during TeamKilt events.
All Things Scottish giveaway hop, hosted by For What It's Worth. Go to the bottom of the post to see what Favorite Scottish Things people are giving away, or to link to your own giveaway.

Get Your Scot On festival of random fun, hosted by Fictitious Delicious. 

Zachary will post songs, poems, and pics of Foods More Revolting than Haggis on the SHADEboys tumblr.

Sya at Mountains of Instead and Fraser McFarlane of Street Spirit Photography will argue for the superiority of Edinburgh and Glasgow, respectively.

PLEASE NOTE: the official Twitter hashtag for the day's festivities will be #TKBurnsNight, not #BurnsNight. A few million other people might be using #BurnsNight on that date.

So yeah, that's it. More or less. It's all very long, and a bit confusing. ;) So yeah, just check it out! It sounds like fun! :D

Jen @ Midnight Book Thief

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