Monday, January 23, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Oooh, I got my second award! Thanks so much to Jen Ryland for thinking of me! So, now I have to reveal seven random facts about me, and then proceed to nominate seven other bloggers!

So first off, here are nominations:

Okay, so I'm not even sure if I can nominate the one who gave to me, but if someone else had given me the award, she'd still be my first nomination. Not only do we have the same name (and it gets pretty funny talking to someone who shares the same name with you), but she's one of the friendliest people around. And her blog is awesome. She not technically a book blogger, but she talks about some pretty awesome books, and her posts are always fun to read!

2. Rachel @ Fiktshun/ Fiktshun's Ramblings/ My Reading Pile/ oh my gosh, I've lost count!
Talk about a versatile blogger! Rachel has been my oldest stalkee (since I'm the stalker, do I call her my stalkee?), and she was the one who inspired me to start blogging. But not only does she manage the epic blog Fiktshun, she has around six, seven more blogs! No kidding. She rambles in Fiktshun's Ramblings, adds books to your TBR pile in My Reading Pile, talk about blogging issues in Blogger's Central, the SSRC in Soul Screamer's Reading Challenge... It's endless.

Nausicaa just started her blog this month, but she's proving to be an awesome blogger! You wouldn't know that she's new at this thing from the way her blog looks! I'm a silent stalker at her blog, and even though she's new at this, she's got everything down, from cover reveals to challenges and memes!

I love this self-proclaimed "bitter bookblogger"'s blog. She actually cracks me up with her rants, so I really enjoy reading them. Though they're actually really insightful, and it's nice to read ideas that are stated so bluntly. Patricia not only reviews books, but she talks about issues which she's so passionate about.

You guys should stalk Bailey's blog- she posts new content, every single day! She has tons of reviews, memes, cover reveals, and her own features. And she's really kind and helpful too! :D Seriously, you guys have no idea how much time I've saved because she helped me out.

So I cheated. I only named five, (four, if not counting Jen), but I'm not so good at this thing. Other blogs I know are award-free. Oh, and if your blog is award-free but I included you, then I'm sorry. :D I did my best to check out if you said so, but I might have missed it.

Now here's seven random facts about me:
1. My grandma's the reason behind my love for books.
2. The novel that got me hooked into reading was a Nancy Drew mystery- The Clue of the Broken Locket.
3. I love minty stuff- ice cream, candies, chocolates- you name it!
4. Me and my friend are currently fighting over Tod from Soul Screamers. (It's so fun! ;) We even include him in random conversatiosn. It's a phase we're going through...)
5. I love wearing fuzzy socks with individual toes!
6. I enjoy watching action and suspense movies, and funny cartoon movies. But NOT romance movies. Weird taste, huh? ;)
7. Before getting addicted to YA, I first started reading children's adventure novels, then jumped to adult books. Yes, I'm talking about Sidney Sheldon, Mary Higgins Clark, etc. Then I went to YA. Talk about plain wrong.

That's it! :D And once again, thanks so much Jen for the award!

Jen @ Midnight Book Thief

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  1. Woa, thank you!!! <3

    What did your Granny do to make you love books? :O Read to you, hit you with books you haven't read already screaming "This book wants me to hit you until you pick it up!!!" or "just" being a nice woman who loved books herself? Or something else altogether? :>

    I love that your friends actually know Tod. I once mentioned him in a conversation - ACCIDENTLY I might add - and they said: "Tod? Who's Tod? Your summer fling?" God, if only, guys...

    As to 6. I'm a little like that, too. Except.. probably for other reasons. I'm 19 and I'm STILL looking away if those guys kiss. It's like "OMG they have a right to have their privacy, why is everybody looking at them!" And I do not understand 7. What is that? You enjoyed books for even YOUNGER people? Although, no, I do. They aren't nearly as bad as most YAs, I guess. *grin* I actually love some books for children and always think about buying them for my sister. *g*

    Anyway, you absolutely deserve the award! Happy Monday! <3

    1. You're welcome! :)

      And yes, no, yes, yes! ;) When I was a little kid, she'd read me a different book every afternoon and night! She was actually the one who bought me the Nancy Drew book. And yes, she loved reading as well, though my "library" is growing bigger than hers!

      LOL, seriously? I actually forced my friends to read Soul Screamers so that they could relate to me! And some guy actually asked us who Tod was (since we kept on talking about him) and we were all "We met. In a bookstore. And have a connection like no other." :P HA! I wish! But don't you just wish he really WAS your summer fling? ;) Seriously cracked up at that. :D

      Ugh, its sooo awkward if there's a make out scene and I'm watching the movie with my parents! :P Totally agree with you. So yeah, explosions are better. :D Oh, for number 7, I meant that I first started off reading books when I was around 8. But when I was 10 or 11, I read an adult book. A Sidney Shledon book. I loved it, but was TOTALLY inappropriate for my age then. :P But now, I'm 15, and sticking with YA. (With the occassional adult book.) ;)

      Thanks! :D Reading your awesome (and seriously funny) comment was a great way to start the week!


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